The Secret World: A Quick Update

The Secret World went into head-start a little over a week ago now, and I have been deep into my investigations of all that is strange and spooky.

I absolutely adore investigation missions, and I wish there were more of them. I am very proud that I have so far managed to solve them all myself, and they are, alongside the story, what makes Secret World so compelling for me. I am aware, though, that there is a finite number of them, and they will have minimal replay value (also, they’re some of the few missions that you can’t replay on the same character), unless I somehow manage to forget the solutions. In a classless game there does not feel like too much purpose in creating an alt, and I doubt I will, as the differences in playthrough experience between factions are slight. In any case, I love being a Templar!

As ever, I’m a bit of a questing completist, and I’ve done every mission I can find on the way here, apart from a small number in which I get eviscerated. I will pop back and deal with them, eventually. For now, I’m just glad to get away from New England to somewhere sunnier and less filled with zombies and draug. Maybe I’ll find the final lore items that continue to elude me in the lower tier zones. From what I know about the number of zones in the game, it would seem I’m just over halfway through, as I just arrived in the City of the Sun, the second Egyptian zone.

I’ve not done much with PVP or the group dungeons yet, other than one jaunt into Polaris with a few twitter friends. It looks to me that none of the group content will not be soloable regardless of how powerful I get, so I shall have to bite the bullet and potter along on further excursions. I may even end up enjoying it!

Looking like a complete tourist in al-Merayah.

I can see many of the issues that SWTOR had coming to haunt TSW too. The stories and content are fantastic, but I am not sure there is sufficient quantity for the long-term, though that depends on how quickly you devour it, and your tolerance for repeating missions. Be that as it may, I can definitely recommend coming along for a visit, as what there is is quite excellent.

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