EQ2 : New Erollisi Day Achievements

Today I noticed a couple of completed achievements in Maltheas’ log that I had no recollection of getting. “A Rose By Any Other Name…” and “Make That A Bouquet”. After a little rummaging, it looks like these were received for my rose-throwing efforts in the Erollisi “My Romantic Reputation” quest over the past few years. I gained the achievements automatically when I logged in after the patch on the 17th, and just didn’t notice. Hurrah for achieving things without even realising, and that new achievement track has company! There are now a range of Erollisi achievements. At least I *think* they’re new. I don’t remember them, and the web has no mention of them to be found. I’ll feel quite silly if they’re from last year..

Winter may still hold Norrath (and Norwich) in its icy grip, but the joys of Spring are not far away, and soon the thoughts of Adventurers everywhere will turn to love. For Maltheas, that will be love for whatever new quests and recipes come in as part of the Erollisi Day event! He has taken part in every step of the Erollisi saga, through her many years of absence, to her triumphant (and tragic) return. He’ll try to find the time to complete some of these new Erollisi Day achievements though.

EQ2 Erollisi Day Achievements

Three of these new achievements give furniture rewards, though the rewards themselves have apparently not yet been patched in, and I couldn’t view them.

Cherished Confections

  • Bake up a batch of Erollisi cookies
  • Bake up a batch of Erollisi cupcakes
  • Bake up a batch of Marssipan (their spelling)
  • Cook up some taffy
  • Craft a box of assorted white chocolates
  • Assemble a basket of perfect pomegranates

Reward : Bow Mounted Red Rose Garland


Lovely Laquer

  • Craft an Erollisi Day bed
  • Craft an Erollisi Day chair
  • Craft an Erollisi Day tapestry
  • Craft an Erollisi Day couch
  • Craft an Erollisi Day rug
  • Craft an Erollisi Day table

Reward : Heart Mounted Purple Rose Garland


Rose-Tinted Obsession

  • Craft ten Erollisi Day decorations featuring roses

Reward : Heart Mounted Red Rose Garland

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