Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 25 : The Riddle of Steel

After a joyous beginning where I introduce my newly bred horse while fighting off an army of monsters, it all goes a bit wrong.

I demonstrate how to make steel from Manganese and Iron, and then bravely set off to use my steel pick to carve some obsidian.

Mods Encountered

Metallurgy by Rebel Keithy and Shadowclaimer : Steel is another step up from Damascus Steel, but I am not currently in possession of enough Manganese to dream of putting it into general usage.

Grimoire of Gaia by Silentine : Dullahan!! That’s what those pesky little blue folks were called. I shall have forgotten again by the next time I encounter one.

Enhanced Portals gets its first mention rather sooner than I expected. It would appear that, in addition to improving how portals work, it also has something to say about the properties of obsidian, the main material for portals. If you don’t have Enhanced Portals installed, steel will handle obsidian very nicely indeed. For me, I shall have to accelerate my descent to depths where diamonds can be found.

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