Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 26

In need of inner peace after my disastrous obsidian hunting expedition, I decide to build an aquarium.

Renewed, I also build an anvil for using my stock of enchanted books.

A quiet and somewhat uneventful episode, but I was pleased to finally have some enchanted tools. Since recording I’ve continued my grand staircase downwards and have just broken into a cave network. I’ll save looking in there for the next episode.

Anvil enchanting is vanilla Minecraft, of course, but new to me. This is my first proper game since Alpha, and even unmodded Minecraft still has plenty of new things for me to learn.

Mods Encountered

Mo Creatures by Dr Zhark and Bloodshot 42 : I’m not sure how many different sorts of fish there are to collect. I do have some piranha eggs, but I thought that might be tempting fate.

Wild Caves was responsible for the spider webs I collected down in the caves.

Farlanders adds rubies to worldgen for trading with the friendly Farlanders. Not to be confused with the identical looking Ruby planted by Biomes O’ Plenty, who made the deliberate and annoying decision to be incompatible.

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