Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 30 : Journey to 0,0

I set out on a journey to the 0,0 map co-ordinates. It’s not terribly far, just on the other side of the jungle, but I’ve not been out that way yet and I’m sure to encounter some wonderful things!

Mods Encountered

Utility Mobs 2.0.1 by Father Toast : The Luggage is back! Let’s see how long I can keep him alive this time.

Ars Magica 5.52.013 by Mithion: I encountered this house a few times during my worldgen tests, and I think it is my favourite Ars Magica wizard tower. Though the fact that it is about 50% wool probably makes it a bit of a fire risk. Once I put wooden doors into every entrance on both floors, it’ll be fantastic for my planned village.

As my wizard level rises, I’m running into more of these pesky dark mages. But so far they have just been novices, and not particularly menacing. You can tell by the colour of their spellbook. The darker the colour of the spellbook, the more dangerous they are. The more skilled mages may give me a very bad day if they find me before I’m ready.

Goblins 4.2 by Sartharis : Our first run in with the goblins. In small numbers they’re not too dangerous, but when I find a goblin village the fur will really start flying.

Rancraft Penguins : The penguins I encountered today were Little Blue Penguins, which should have been easy enough to remember. They’re one of the species you can find in beach sub-biomes. Penguins can be tamed as pets using fish, sheered for feathers, or hunted for their pelts.

Chococraft 2.8.7 by Torojima : As I did not have this installed when I created the world, it is only now that I’ve travelled a good distance away that I’ve found some Gysahl Greens. And, being me, I made them rather rare too. Gysahl Greens can be farmed, so I’ve found all I’ll ever need to get the Chocobo onto my team.

4 comments to Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 30 : Journey to 0,0

  • Squishy

    Had you not said anything I would not have known that anything was different with the sound. It still sounded good.

    And whenever you said Gysahl Greens I started to have the Chocobo Theme going through my head.

    • I’m looking forward to making a little Chocobo farm. Though I’m running out of space for everything I want to do. I might need to flatten one of the nearby mountains a bit.

  • Torojima

    The Sound actually is better, I have just checked with episode 29 and all the white noise slightly audible there is completely gone in ep. 30. On the other hand, I had to actually play ep. 29 to recognise there is a difference and that it is the white noise :)

    and yes, of course, yay, Chocobos :D

  • MapleBacon

    Keep the seperate audio channels. It’s a good change.