Septicemicly Yours.

Disclaimer. This is (not terribly good) satire. Though I am a little concerned that the plague is still going on.:

We know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting the chance to rid Norrath of the plague. As we announced before it began, we decided to tie the cure into a major game-changing event. Since some of you have been searching for clues about how to cure it, we wanted to provide an update on its availability and pass along a bit of insider info on what’s about to come.

After making the decision to have an Event based around a plague we realised that we didn’t have time to create an in-depth and satifying method of ending it, so we gave our quest team some extra time so we could release it in the most polished manner possible.

This also gave our Live Events team the chance to plan something really cool. I’m pleased to report that the live event for October is going to be the addition of the Plague Cure!!

Players will be able to complete solo quests that allow them to cure their own characters. Finding the cure for the whole server will involve the completion of an elaborate series of quests that culminate in an epic raid zone event that will challenge even the most seasoned adventurers. This is your chance to put an end to the greenness and coughing. And all the whining about the greenness and coughing.

As part of Live Update #16, scheduled to hit the live servers the week of October 12, a new raid instance will be added. It’ll look a lot like Shattering of the Vale, but with an exciting twist! Completion of the Raid will end the Plague event.

We realize some of you dedicated healers out there would have preferred to receive this information sooner, but we decided to stay quiet until the Live Events team had finished their planning. Tee hee hee. We think the wait will be worth it, and players will have a lot of fun participating in this major event.

2 comments to Septicemicly Yours.

  • I had the same thought – Suppose they didn’t bother to include a way to stop the plague ?

    One thing for sure – my shaman will not be worrying about it at all. Guk-gate makes me suspicious of this stuff.

  • Ark

    It’s certainly a good time to be playing a healer. I’m watching out for any news of a server managing to bring an end to all this blight.