Free Realms news from Fan Faire

Some very cool info from Pex about what is coming up soon. I’m particularly looking forward to the driving jobs. They’re one of the most fun things to do in Free Realms, but are woefully underused due to not giving much in the way of rewards. When I can find other players to race against, it’ll “kick drive shaft”, as Jazz would say.

It’s late, so I’ll just bullet-point what was said tonight in the approximate order of when things will be released:

* Demo Derby and Race Car driver will be able to advance to level 20!
* Each job will have 40 missions along the progression path.
* Players will be able to customize thier cars in a garage
* Soccer Star (not sure if that is the final name, or a description) will be a new job!
* Guilds will be able to have matching uniforms for soccer.
* We showed a new desert region that will be the home of the dwarves.
* A new Druid job will come will be part of this region.
* TCG – There will be a feature where you can have your character portrait added to a physical card. You can buy a bunch of cards and give them to friends who can use a digital code to add your card to their digital deck.

There should be more detailed information along in the next few days. The Druid job sounds interesting, though I’m not so much into the combat classes. If it has similar attributes to other games, we might be looking at shape-shifting, or combat pets being a part of that job.

6 comments to Free Realms news from Fan Faire

  • Serenity Moondancer

    But WHEN????? When is this stuff coming to free realms???

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