MEP Daniel Hannan lies about the UK on US Television for money.

While socialised medicine is considered with great mistrust in the US, here in the UK, no political party would dare to suggest that the dear old NHS should be replaced. Unless, of course, they didn’t think anyone from Britain would notice.

In this clip, UK Conservative, MEP Daniel Hannan, holds court with the crown prince of right-wing crazy, Glenn Beck.

You would not think it to listen to Hannan and his FOX friends, but we do actually also have private medicine here. It’s much cheaper than the US, of course, because they have to compete with the NHS, but if you have the money, you can still buy whatever healthcare you desire. You can also buy painkillers pretty much anywhere. Hannan’s “friend” that claims that NHS staff got aggressive with him for trying to buy painkillers is either fictional, or not telling the whole story. Also, those prostate cancer survival rate claims have been debunked so many times (they’re measured totally differently in the different countries so have no relation to eachother), nobody with any respect for their audience ought to be trotting them out. Ah right, I forgot, it’s Glenn Beck.

Daniel Hannan is of course the man who famously insisted that the BNP is a party of the far-left. He has clearly learned from Beck, who is equally happy to claim that the Nazi party was left wing, as part of the “liberal fascism” smear.

Why is Daniel Hannan still a member of the Conservative party? This man is getting a platform because of his membership of a mainstream party, and is using it to be paid to tell the most grievous lies about the UK, and Europe. Lies that would not be tolerated here.

Yesterday he found a new friend, Mr Hannity. Apparently he is spending a great deal of time in the US campaigning against healthcare reform. Do the people who elected him to the European parliament realise this is how he is spending his time? How much money is he making from his disloyal behaviour?

Dear US readers. Daniel Hannan is a liar being paid to lie, and you should not place any stock in his words. The leader of his party, David Cameron, has said in response “I support the NHS 100% and the Conservative Party supports the NHS 100%. We are the party that gives the biggest amount of support to the NHS. It is incredibly important to my family. It is incredibly important to this country.”.

That’s all very well, Mr Cameron, but Mr Hannan is not doing his job, and making the UK look bad in the eyes of America. Kick him out.

I should thank him, I suppose, for making me sufficiently angry to end a month-long lack of posting!

7 comments to MEP Daniel Hannan lies about the UK on US Television for money.

  • I’ll bet this disgusting shill is making mega-buckages helping derail health insurance reform.

  • Aaron Martin

    Ive been to A&E 3 times in my life, the first 2, i told them it wasnt serious so to get other more urgent cases through first, i waited maybe an hour if that. The 3rd time i thought id broken my wrist, on a friday night, and went straight through for an xray. I dont live in a small town where there is a small population, i live in the midlands, between Leicester, Coventry and Birmingham.

  • He’s actually pretty big in the Libertarian and some conservative circles. Of course, most of us don’t think too much about what he says about the UK because we have our own problems. Thus, many of the people in these circles are quick to trust him, as do I.

    He’s pretty conservative by American standards. Heck, he’d probably fit right in with some of the conservative groups (note: by your post, American conservatism and British conservationism are extremely different). Of course, conservatism, or politics in general, in America is kinda hazy and vague these days…

  • Despite his stature at home–whatever it is or has become–Hannan has sold out to a ruthless and heartless cadre of monied shills. Beck and his ilk are pathetic mouthpieces for Corporate Megalomaniacs who intend to solidify their power and wealth with no regard for the increasingly poor and powerless masses of our species living hand to mouth worldwide.

  • ken

    MEP Daniel Hannan is a lying creep and he embarrassingly grovels to the Israeli’s, he hardly represents his own country. He is the epitome of the Tories with the fluffy fake lambs wool removed

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