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Or don’t. That’s cool too. The chances of you missing anything vital to your well-being is slim, unless your well-being depends on what I have for lunch or what I think of the latest MMO outrage! I do usually tweet if I’ve posted anything substantial here though.

Update: Changed the date on this to get it back on the front page for a bit!

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  • Jan M. Fijor pisze:Innymi slowy chce pan powiedziec, ze podawanie ceny netto jest nieuczciwe? Jesli interesuje pana cena, to czy interesuja pana czynniki, ktore wplywaja na jej posieidnenie, czy nie? JMF

  • At last, someone comes up with the “right” answer!

  • This is getting ugly. A racial slaughter film is supposed to be "entertaining" and "funny" and if you don't agree with that then you must be crazy. And you also must be a bigot and a racist, you, not the ones having wet dreams about slaughtering another race.The scary part is that they don't even bother being conspicuous about it anymore. In your face, whitey.

  • BELLISSIMO… e poi le foto con le scritte sono magnifiche!!! Ora se vi volee divertire un pò è pasticciare alle grande, perchè non provate a fare gli gnocchi??? Io da veronese ti posso solo dire che la cosa più "divertente" è che dal mio punto di vista NON esistono dosi ma tutta la ricetta si svolge con la classica frase "quanto basta" :-D

  • Either/or.If you’re creating your own challenge and raising money, you can create your own and link it to the Impossible HQ group. If you’d just like to donate, you can donate to my page.