World of Lordcraft Shut down By Blizzard

Long-time readers may have some recollection of a series of posts I made about World of Lordcraft, an Evony clone that stole as much as is possibly could from World of Warcraft. I’m happy to report that the World of Lordcraft website now redirects to Blizzard’s site.

There have been quite a lot of visits to my Lordcraft posts from Blizzard over the last few months, and I hope they found them useful :) Though, you know, if I saved your lawyers any time and all, I wouldn’t say no if you wanted to slip me a few dollars.

Update: Turns out that while now takes you to Blizzard, Lordcraft simply went and got themselves another domain. Is even the might of Blizzard’s legal department impotent against them?

10 comments to World of Lordcraft Shut down By Blizzard

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  • They should at least offer you one free month of gaming I think, though don’t hold your breath

  • Lord Azrim

    Unfortunately, World of Lordcraft is back and as creative as ever. The original website still redirects to Blizzard, but World of Lordcraft is back on

  • Sia

    Seems good ol’ Thunderstorm Entertainment is trying their hand at yet another game
    I wonder who theyre ripping off of this time?

  • wol fan

    i had played World of Lordcraft for almost a year and was leader of the third highest ranked guild on server 45. i met a lot of friends there and really did enjoy the game. it was a fun game and this sucks to lose all that time invested in it to some blow hard jackasses. i have played world of warcraft as well, for about 5 minutes and realized that game sucks badly. there were not as many similarities as there were differences between the two games. i wish Blizzard would of thought about all the players of WoL instead of there horrible game and there wallets. i am not a happy camper with this latest shut down of WoL.

  • Upadhyay

    i am very sad ! why WOL shut down, its a very nice and good game, so apple to WOL please re-open the game as soon as possible

  • Vyking

    WOL sucked balls and was a rip off…£500 for a purple hero get fucked!!

  • GOD

    lol WOL fans…third guild ranked on s45…then u know why WOL it`s down…i can’t wait to see it up…to bring it down again…u know that was the horde fault that i killed for so lond poeriod the server…so if u was from forest…say hello to the GOD that shut the game down for somne suck balls ppl

  • for server Rage

    damn them, i finally have a hero that has 20k leadership but they fu*kin shut it down! i hate you!

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