World of LordCraft – Don’t Play, My Lord.

After my last post on Lordcraft’s theft of the Warcraft IP, if I had any remaining doubt in my mind that World of LordCraft is by the very same people behind Evony, that doubt has been extinguished.

I don’t know if this is a new advert. I’ve certainly never seen it before today, but if it did not have a big “World of LordCraft” logo, anyone would assume it was an Evony ad, complete with the “Come Play, My Lord” line that has been roundly mocked across the internet. Heck, it probably was an Evony ad, but they just switched the logos.

LordCraft Come Play My Lord

LordCraft - Come Play, My Lord

What’s a “Formal Operation”? What does that even mean? Why would we need to be told the operation was formal? Will I need to wear a tie to play? Are a group of mysterious tuxedo-clad gentlemen going to turn up at my house and steal my kidneys? (The joke would be on UMGE, as my wretched kidneys would not be worth the plane ticket.)

They’re not even trying any more. Sure, they’ve created a shell company called GSprite that nobody has ever heard of, and another one called Thunderstorm Entertainment, that as far as I can tell is just there to take the piss out of Blizzard Entertainment, but feebly trying to cover their tracks would have worked better if they hadn’t made almost every other aspect of their design identical. They were already a parody of themselves, but now they’re a parody of that parody.

The picture of that lady in the advert is almost certainly stolen from somewhere. I’ll give an UNPRECEDENTED Epic shoutout to anyone who manages to figure out the original source.

And again, please don’t let these scoundrels get their hands on your credit card details, or use the same login details as you do for World of Warcraft.

Update: Jason correctly identified the model. It’s a lass called Joanna Krupa, and a bit of a rummage through Google imagesearch finds that the picture is from a Maxim magazine photoshoot. That link may not be safe for work, but if you’re reading my blog at work, you’re either already sure the boss isn’t watching, or work in the gaming industry and can claim it as research!

I find it comforting to know that nothing changes with the way that UMGE finds pictures for it’s advertising.

9 comments to World of LordCraft – Don’t Play, My Lord.

  • Jason

    You’ll find that the woman is remarkably similar (if not identical) to Joanna Krupa, the Polish model. I’ll have to try digging around to find the original image, but I’m positive it is.

  • Good eye! Google Image Search has found the picture.

    I’ve updated the post with our new info!

  • Raymond

    How are these idiots getting away with this? Why haven’t they been sued by Maxim, Blizzard etc?

    Why would anyone play these stupid games? The so-called developers should all be in jail.

  • Typhon

    Two things:

    1. This page is the only one that seems to be returning that Joanna image while using the keywords “World of LordCraft” on Google Image Search, for at least 2 pages of results.
    I’m afraid that means you’re giving some free, busty publicity, which I’m sure you don’t want to do.

    2. Have you notified both Maxim and Joanna?
    While Blizzard I assume know about this (although they nevertheless might not), I’m certainly going to guess that those two don’t. If you can find an original Joanna add somewhere, I suggest emailing them a link.

    That said, keep up the good work :)

    • Some people say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. I’m not sure that is true. I don’t think I do Lordcraft any favours here.

  • I’m not going to play it. I was always suspicious about those ads because they use sex so heavily to sell, but after reading your articles about Evony and World of LordCraft, my mind is made up to steer clear of them.

    What really got me was your point about credit cards — it doesn’t make sense to trust them with credit card information when they demonstrate that they have trouble understanding what belongs to them with regard to everything else.

    Thank you. I hope more people read your articles.

  • Skitso

    i whole heartedly agree with this topic and the others about evony i played evony once and all to quickly realized it was a rip off with in the first 5 minutes of play as for the WoL i will not play this and im proud to say that i didnt give them any of my personal credit infomation if you want a decent web based game go for Runescape atleast i couldnt find any ripped off content there unless im mistaken

  • carlos

    lol go on google images, look up joanna krupa black bra, go to second page and its the picture where shes with a dog lol

  • cruz

    hey what the hell i was playing it not long ago like 2 weeks ago it cant bee off line already