Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 2nd of June

OK, the update notes are out, and do deal with a few of the more pressing issues I mentioned in my earlier post. It has been noted before that Funcom’s patch notes are far from completist, so we can hope that there are some other fixes included also.There’s still a long way to go. I also wish they’ed use a decent version numbering system for these things, instead of just giving them a date.

Update: The patch has introduced new bugs.

Ageofconanpatchbugs 300x216

I now have two sets of buff icons. One set is cancellable, by hand or by death, and seems normal. The other set cannot be cancelled, and refuses to go away even upon death. And has started flashing and refuses to stop. I am getting double the effect from my buffs, and have hit the defense cap for my level. I promise to use my superpowers only for good.

Alfric Picture008 300x216

My recipe book does not allow me to get at half my recipes. Not sure if this is a new one with the patch, but it’s the first time I have noticed it.

The level 30 stamina potion, Old Redrouse, is not consumed when you drink it, and no longer stacks with itself in your inventory.

The patch notes for June 2nd continue below:


*Fixed some more server and client crashes.
*An issue which could make NPCs evade forever has been resolved.
*An issue which could lead to pets become unresponsive has been resolved.


*You should now receive feedback if you try to take items from the guild bank without having enough rank.


*Items in tradepost now show stack-size.
*Resources Gathering: Cotton and Cottonwisp have been fixed.
*Kheshatta: Drop rate for Scorpion plate has been increased.
*Fixed a grammatical error with Knarled Leather. It should now be named Gnarled Leather.
*Boltshock Bangles are now properly classified as “Cloth Armor” instead of “Wrist Armor”
*Thunder River: The quest item ‘Smoked Meat’ has re-received its visual appearance.
*Field of the Dead: ‘Fur of Bloodclaw’ will no longer end up in the quest inventory.
*Thunder River: The quest item ‘Helvenia’s Herbs’ has re-received its visual appearance.
*Sanctum of the Burning Souls: The boss drop ‘Bloodtainted Hoop’ will no longer end up in the quest inventory.

Massive PvP

*PVE Player city buildings should no longer be attackable.


*Bartholomo’s Wife will now respawn more often.
*Acheronian Ruins NPCs will respawn more often
*It should be easier to deal with Renton’s Corrupt Friends when doing the quest Awakening II.

Player Characters

*Finishing Blow damage boost should only affect the first hit after the charge.
*Thirst for Blood should correctly trigger it’s stacking damage bonuses for you and your team.

*Pets should not auto dismiss so fast when they cannot reach their owner.

*Knee-Capping should no longer trigger Root Immunity on NPCs
*Marked for Death should give the correct damage values for bow/xbow.
*Marked for Death cooldown has been adjusted to 3 minutes like originally intended.
*Critical Aim should no longer fail to execute in some situations.
*Critical Aim duration increased to 10 seconds, but it will instantly terminate on the next ranged hit
*You should no longer get messages about getting non existing abilities when training Eagle Eye.

Tempest of Set
*Triumphant Life of Set has had its total damage dealt per cast increased.
*Triumphant Life of Set now deals the damage over 3 seconds instead of instantly.


*Old Secrets: Golden Golem should now always spawn.
*The Demon in The Tree: The Demon in the Tree Minions should now always attack the player.
*End Battle: Strom should now respawn, making it impossible to break the last part of the end battle.
*Quests Bloodroot, Concealing the Chinks, Purging the Fallen, and Source of Contagion have been improved in Tarantia Noble.

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