Age of Conan Day 5, and Patch Notes

Since last I spoke to you, I finished up all outstanding business in Tortage and headed out for the mainland. The first thing you notice is that the quests no longer have voice-overs, but they are still abundant and interesting.

Level 20 meant I could start resource gathering (although you cannot begin to learn crafting until level 40!). It is a fairly standard resource node system, though the nodes are static, and slowly refill. To liven things up a bit, while harvesting you often spawn enemies of an appropriate level who hanker after your goods. The only problem with this is that I found myself levelling quite fast during my harvesting periods, when I would have preferred to not have outlevelled any quests.

Levelling is fast. Quests give abundant xp, often astonishingly so. Those of you who have adventured with me in the past know I level just about as slowly as it’s possible for a fellow to do, and yet I’m already level 30. If these pesky NPCs would stop jumping me when I’m trying to mine sandstone I’d probably be more like level 25. I hope, for the games sake, that levelling above 30 takes significantly longer, though I have seen level 60’s running about already, which suggests to me it’s not going to get that much tougher. I would not mind levelling so much if it wasn’t for the feature that quests you have outlevelled no longer appear on your map, so they’re a bit of a pain to find.

The Trader is still disabled, blocking access to bank, auction and mail services. This has been revealed (Only in an interview in Norwegian, annoyingly) as being due to the discovery of a moneymaking exploit, but I really hope they get it fixed in tonight’s pre-launch downtime.

My character is currently trapped in Limbo. Limbo, in Hyboria, appears to equate to the Lacheish Plains. Once entered, most people have great difficulty leaving again, as they crash almost immediately upon logging in there. I don’t begin to know what’s causing it, but I do know that having a zone, that several mainland newbie quests send you to, devour it’s visitors is not terribly helpful. Hopefully tonight’s 5 hour downtime will release me from my unjust imprisonment, so I can continue my most enjoyable adventures!

For completion’s sake, below are last night’s update notes. They are not particularly interesting, and in the case of the Lacheish Plains, quite untrue.

Update Notes – May 22nd


* Fixed some camera issues with Cassilda on the beach.
* Corrected some quest journal texts.


* Players should no longer get stuck when entering Lacheish Plains


* Corrected an issue with some quests not giving the correct amount of experience points.
* The Awakening II: Killing Renton should now more consistently update the quest
* The Awakening II:You should no longer get stuck when talking to Renton during the “Make Renton Speak” quest.
* The Awakening II: Renton now behaves correctly including not showing up in his home again after he has been killed.
* Destiny Quest Mage: The Medallion – Mithrelle does now again spawn correctly in Barrack’s Square.
* Idogbe is now ready to give out a quest to players in Tortage.
* Arias should no longer hide inside a big boulder on White Sands Isle (Night).
* ‘Tailored Task’ now should require less camping on White Sands Isle.
* ‘Unholy Magic’ quest in Acheronian Ruins has been adjusted so the Elder Shaman will now spawn automatically after a certain time. The huts will still have to be destroyed to fulfil the quest though.
* The Atzel Warders are now again updating the questgoals in various quests in the playfield Atzel’s Approach


* Cerdic the Food and Drinks seller has arrived on White Sands Isle (Day) now.
* The merchant at the docks at Tortage (Night) has decided to not work at night anymore.
* NPCs, who help players untrain feats, can now be found in all major cities where players can untrain feats.
* Ciar the General Goods merchant has arrived in Conarch Village.
* Merchant Waudreen should yet again sell armor in Conarch Village.


* Dark Beast ambushers in the Wild Lands of Zelata now correctly hate and track players.
* Sewer Bandit Healers should not spam Rebuke anymore


* Advanced Riding can now be trained again correctly.


* Pestilential Blast should now inflict damage on one nearby target.


* The damage debuff obtained from later ranks of Vengeance is now a percentage-based debuff.


* Tracking cooldown increased to 60 seconds.

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