Warhammer Online RvR thus far.

Me and my friends have been having a fantastic time in Warhammer Online so far. I’ve gotten rather a taste for RvR not matched since my DaoC days, and many an orc has fallen to the guns of Osgard, Dwarven Engineer! I do have a few concerns though.

Mostly I’m worried about open world RvR. With so many different RvR zones to choose from, finding where, if anywhere, the action is, can be pretty time consuming. I know a lot […]

Pirates of the Burning Sea goes live

They keep taking me by surprise with PotBS patches. Not paying quite so much attention to it as I was.

There’s a whole slew of ships, and other good things. For me though, the highlight is that I will no longer have to choose between having 3 avatar items with bonuses, or the company of my dear friend Percy the Parrot. Now I may have both at my disposal, ensuring the defeat of any who cross my blade. Huzzah!


Age of Conan Patch Notes for the 9th of June

Hurrah! Our biggest patch so far, and if the update notes are to be believed (and it would be churlish not to!), Age of Conan is going to be vastly improved by it.


Gems now work, opening up the world of crafting items that might be useful. The permanent debuff/double buff bug has also been squashed.

The Arena is now a private instance. Previously, it was a real pain trying to get anything done in there without getting mixed […]

Age of Conan Day 19

So, here we are, 19 days after Early Access to Age of Conan began. Where are we?

On a personal note, my guild has managed to build our Keep in instance seven of the Lacheish Plains. It does absolutely nothing at this time, but it sure looks nice!

The State of the Game. I’ve covered this a little before, especially here and here. The issues I mentioned there are mostly still present, so I won’t repeat myself. There has […]

Age of Conan Day, er, 14 maybe

Firstly I should say that I am still enjoying AoC, and I belive my guildmates are also. As I get further into the game though, I am coming across more and more cases of things being done half-arsed. Funcom has time to fix these, and there is a patch taking place right now which may help (No patch notes released yet). Here’s a few of my major quibbles.

The Trader made it in finally, but unfortunately the Auction House does […]

Age of Conan Patch Notes 26th and 27th of May.

Yesterday I hit level 40, and so it is time for me to start looking around for where I want to build our town. The majority of guild towns on Ymir seem to be at Poitain, with only a very few in the Purple Lotus Swamp and the Lacheish Plains. If you have any insight as to which one is best, please drop me a comment below! One thought I have is that there are only 2 town spots in […]

Age of Conan Day 5, and Patch Notes

Since last I spoke to you, I finished up all outstanding business in Tortage and headed out for the mainland. The first thing you notice is that the quests no longer have voice-overs, but they are still abundant and interesting.

Level 20 meant I could start resource gathering (although you cannot begin to learn crafting until level 40!). It is a fairly standard resource node system, though the nodes are static, and slowly refill. To liven things up a bit, […]