Pirates of the Burning Sea goes live

They keep taking me by surprise with PotBS patches. Not paying quite so much attention to it as I was.

There’s a whole slew of ships, and other good things. For me though, the highlight is that I will no longer have to choose between having 3 avatar items with bonuses, or the company of my dear friend Percy the Parrot. Now I may have both at my disposal, ensuring the defeat of any who cross my blade. Huzzah!


Pirates of the Burning Sea 1.5.46 goes live

I’m a bit late on this one.

Will the addition of insurance (though it’s more of a rebate than insurance, really) have the desired effect of increasing the amount of consensual PvP? Lets hope so, as with Pirate PvP starting at 3000 unrest now, there are going to be a lot of red circles around.

The 1.5.46 PotBS patch notes are below:


Pirates of the Burning Sea Test Notes

Another solid update in the works for PotBS. Our first level 50 Raid, the much anticipated insurance system, and much more! Pirates of the Burning Sea continues to improve in leaps and bounds, though I worry whether it comes too late for many of its players. Perhaps a full scale rerelease, and free month return programme might be in order later this year.

Full test patch notes for are below:


PotBS 1.4.34 goes live

What rough beast, its hour come at last, slouches towards Tortaga to be born? It’s the Buccaneer, brimming with tradey goodness, and our ocean will never be the same again! Not just for those scurvy Pirates either. Across the board characters will be logging in to be greeted by a free respec, as the skills available to all classes have been completely revamped. Only time will tell if this is for good or ill, but with greater choice available, I […]

PotBS Test Server Patch Notes 1.4.30

A fairly small update to the test build, though there are a lot of skill tweaks. The Bahamut gets significantly increased in power, and Sabanqui loses it’s unrest decay, which is going to seriously inconvenience Campeche from time to time. Privateer skills get a surprisingly sharp smack with the nerfbat.

Patch notes are below:


PotBS Test Server Patch Notes 1.4.29, and a move to Age of Conan

Just a small tweak so not too much to talk about in this one, although I weep quietly for my expert carpenter. If the ad hoc spawning is finally truly fixed, then that will be a very good thing.

In other news, several major RvRing guilds on Roberts are going to be heading to Age of Conan, some merging to form the Scions of Nordheim. I’m going to be heading along to the same server, Ymir, to see what AoC […]

PotBS Test Server Patch Notes 1.4.28

Another test build has just arrived, and it seems the pendulum may be swinging back slightly, as the 4th and 3rd rates gain a little bit of target tracking, and the Hercules lose some.

64-gun ships are having the number of line bundles they require reduced from 8 to 3. I’m trying to figure out exactly what ships this means, but it seems to mean the 3rd rates, and maybe the Couronne. The patch is not yet live on the […]