PotBS Test Server Patch Notes 1.4.29, and a move to Age of Conan

Just a small tweak so not too much to talk about in this one, although I weep quietly for my expert carpenter. If the ad hoc spawning is finally truly fixed, then that will be a very good thing.

In other news, several major RvRing guilds on Roberts are going to be heading to Age of Conan, some merging to form the Scions of Nordheim. I’m going to be heading along to the same server, Ymir, to see what AoC is like. I’ll be trying to keep up with my responsibilities in PotBS, though I shall be cutting down the amount of time I spend there for now, at least until there is more to do for someone like me. I’ll try to liveblog my first impressions of AoC when I start the early access period this Saturday. I’m hoping that this time I eventually get the chance to build a city that I was denied in Vanguard and PotBS, who both decided it was an unnecessary feature to launch with.

I feel slightly guilty, as this is not going to help the dwindling population on Roberts at all, but at the end of the day I can’t let myself be bound to a game I’m not enjoying simply out of a sense of duty. I shall continue to try to help to make PotBS a better place to be.

PotBS patch notes continue below:

Known Issues:

* Mission Resets: We are still trying to track down the bug that can sometimes cause you to log in to find old, completed missions back in your list. Please continue to report this.
* Login Issues: Rackham, Antigua, and Blackbeard have had to be restarted at different times this week. We are working to find and fix this issue.

Differences between and include but aren’t limited to:

Ships / Outfitting:

* Leviathan: OS Speed 50 -> 48, cargo 2500 -> 2250
* Trader’s San Mateo: +25% mast integrity, OS Speed 56 -> 62, cargo 2250 -> 2400
* DR mods that hit specific sides were labeled “Damage Resistance” instead of “Damage Reduction.” Fixed.

Ship Combat / Skills:

* Inspiration (Buccaneer): The self effect was only lasting 3 minutes instead of 4. Fixed.
* Dump Guns (Cutthroat): Reset 120 -> 75
* Scavenge (Cutthroat): Wasn’t working at all. Fixed that.
* Expert Carpenter (Freetrader): Reduced armor repair 5%, structure repair 10%
* Dump Guns (Freetrader): Reset 120 -> 75
* Military Grade Construction (Navy): +2.5% speed


* Fixed the Naval Officer Tutorial to use the correct commendations.
* Man of Wealth and Taste: We’d broken it so it didn’t look like you could complete it. Fixed that.
* Mousquetaires Noirs: Fixed a problem that could occur when you failed this mission.

Open Sea:

* Preparing Ship now lasts 100 seconds
* Reinforcements were spawning into ad hoc encounters incorrectly – often spawning into the middle of the fray. Fixed that.
* Sometimes when you were sunk in battle and zoned back to town, you could see the Open Sea port model in the town. Fixed that.

Art / Sound:

* Fixed a bug where we were keeping the texture from the buddy key dialog in memory even after it was closed.


* We now do a better job of explaining why someone can’t use a chat channel. This was prompted by the changes for buddy key restrictions but affects players who are too low level also.


* Promotion was broken for groups with buddy keys. Fixed that.
* Added more localized text and localization fixes from SOE.

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