The Star Trek Online TV Commercial

It’s quite an event in it’s own right for an MMO other than World of Warcraft to be advertised on TV.

Because the embedded player is extremely poorly behaved, and will attempt to redirect your browser to IGN after it is done (Please come back!), I’ll put it after the fold. Hopefully it’ll turn up on youtube eventually and I can replace it.

As others have mentioned, it does somewhat suggest that you can control your ship from your bridge, but I guess that is what they call “artistic license”. Not a bad ad, all told.

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1 comment to The Star Trek Online TV Commercial

  • Gizbyt the Squig herder

    Not an entirely bad Ad I gotta admit, though still after thier piss around with Champions not planning to touch it with a barge poll.

    Such a shame…..had good promise from the beta.