Checking In

I’m not dead! Just in the throws of a cycle of seasonal depression, so it has been hard to drum up posting enthusiasm. Like my more famous Norfolk resident, Stephen Fry, I’m thoroughly bipolar, so these things are wont to happen. Full service shall resume presently.

In the meantime, I’ve submitted to blogger peer pressure, and decided to give EVE Online a try. Folks are not kidding when they talk about the brutal learning curve, but my days in early UO have left me fairly well-equipped for survival in such a universe, and the numbers geek in me is having a delightful time analysing everything. I’ll write more on EVE when I’m feeling a little more zestful.

Arkenor In EVE Online 500x292

The Gallente Catalyst Destroyer. Currently my mightiest vessel.

2 comments to Checking In

  • Malkavelli

    I’m thoroughly looking forward to hearing about your experiences in Eve! I have been oft tempted by it but never dared. For every thing I find I like the sound of about it there is at least one thing which puts me off, am torn – would really like to hear what you think.

  • Wow, really nice work!I saw your picture with Hiro and Ricardo at Montalvo’s blog (another great brazilian illustrator). First thing that came to my mind: “Will there be a Brandstudio book with Hiro’s skBsthet?”ecw, I heard about Brandstudio a couple of years ago while browsing Hiro’s blog (and since then I can’t stop getting some books now and then from you hehe)Cheers!