Star Trek Online: PvP Skill-Loss Issues Plague the Galaxy

There is an issue with this morning’s Star Trek Online patch. Certain PvP maps are causing players to lose all their skill and bridge officer points, and become level -39. Needless to say, this is not a good thing to have happen to you, and the afflicted are finding themselves unable to get any missions.

Maps that are confirmed to be causing this include Cracked Planetoids, and Shanty Town, but my advice would be to avoid all PvP until it is fixed. With a number of developers at PAX, it might take a little while to be resolved. It is unclear at this point as to whether there will be a server-wide rollback, or a fix targeted at affected players.

How bugs like this slip past the test server and the QA department is one of the great mysteries of the universe.

You can keep track of this issue in this forum thread.

Update: Here are the patch notes for the morning update which brought in this issue:

Fixed an issue where the Tribble Of Borg was unable to be claimed again from the C-Store if it had been discarded
Fixed the /stuck command in space so it no longer sends players back to the map’s respawn point inappropriately
Characters created before the release of Season One will now be able to be deleted properly
Commodities transactions will now appropriately complete for the value displayed in the UI

Missions and Locations
Fixed a condition in the mission that sometimes kept the Borg Tactical Cube from spawning by the gate in the first space map of Special Task Force: Infected
Lowered the required amount of satellite debris necessary to advance the mission for some Klingon Star Cluster missions
PvP: Klingon vs Klingon Space area control map now has the correct text
Fixed an issue where defense turrets were not present in certain PvP maps

The Tribble of Borg buff power will now properly reapply instead of stack when used before the buff expires

Fixed an issue that prevented Bridge Officers from equiping weapons that have the “[Borg]” enhancement

Costumes and Customization
Admiral rank pips now appear on all uniform options
Admiral rank pips now appear properly textured on all uniform options
Fixed an issue that caused an error message to appear inappropriately when attempting to create a Fleet Uniform

UI and Controls
Fixed a bug that prevented players from continuing to respec once they’d pressed the “Accept” button unless they pressed the “Reset” button
Clarified the /Stuck UI which would previously lead users into an an infinite UI loop with the /killme command
Stacked Item counts will now display appropriately in the exchange
Fixed typos in the description of the Tribble of Borg item

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