New EQ2 Player Race is Vampires. Seriously.

An interesting announcement on EQ2Players website today:

‘Tis the season for giving! Winter is here and there are only a few short months until the freezing tundra of Velious is open for exploration. Starting in December and ending in February, active EQII Live subscribers and EQ2X Gold and Platinum members (with accounts in good standing) who purchase the upcoming EverQuest ® II Destiny of Veliousâ„¢ expansion will receive a set of in-game items as complimentary subscription rewards each month.

Each of the three sets is comprised of two amazing items, one of which is the new Ice Wolf Mount (pictured) and the new tightly-concealed Vampire Race, which has yet to be displayed to the public! The December and January mystery items will be revealed at the time the rewards are distributed.

Keep checking EQ2Players for updates about the upcoming EverQuest ® II Destiny of Velious™ expansion launch scheduled for February 8, 2011. Enjoy the rewards!

Vampires? Seriously?

Vampire Seriously

Even Dracula is incredulous.

Yes, it’s a new playable race. More details will come out mid-next week. At that point, I’ll be unleashed to answer more questions. – Smokejumper

I’m not surprised it was tightly concealed. It needed to be protected from the scorn which is rightfully going to be heaped upon it. Being harmed by sunlight is a vulnerability shared by both vampires and bad ideas. SOE likes to keep its very worst ideas secret until they’re far too far advanced for player feedback to have any effect.

There are a wide range of races that players have been asking for. Gnolls. Aviaks. Those awesome panda-folk from the Stonebrunt Mountains. Vampires are for cheap browser games where you recruit more victims for the Offer Wall to suck the money out of.

*Sigh* Yes, I know vampires are the in thing at the moment, but you’re not going to be able to out-vampire CCP’s upcoming World of Darkness MMO. To try to jump on the Twilight/ True Blood bandwagon is just toe-curlingly embarrassing. What’s next? Getting Justin Bieber to do the new EQ2 theme song? Anyway, wherever you try to make the game dark and gloomy, you will find a chirpy little halfling or ratonga bouncing up and down singing about cheese pie.

Please, EQ2, you need to start respecting yourself. You keep trying to become more like WoW, even though the President of SOE revealed today that very few EQ2 players play WoW. If we liked WoW-like games we’d be playing WoW, which does WoW-like better than you ever will, having had something of a head start.

Be yourself. You need to lose the inferiority complex and keep doing all the things that make you special, and are why so many people love you.

I had REALLY hoped that the new Velious race would be the Coldfang Gnolls, who were rather nice chaps back in Everquest. Or even the Othmir, who were mostly friendly Ottermen. Yes, they’d be a bit silly, but at least they’d be Everquesty and from Velious!

I’ll no doubt have more to say about this once more details have been revealed. I can only hope these Vampires don’t form a matching set with the Sparkle Ponies.

Update: More details arrived!

3 comments to New EQ2 Player Race is Vampires. Seriously.

  • “SOE likes to keep its very worst ideas secret until they’re far too far advanced for player feedback to have any effect.”

    Yeah, I have to agree with you there. I’m a huge EQ2 fangirl, and I like to think that I stay fairly openminded until I test the new stuff and can pass an educated judgment, but there are times when I just /facepalm. Battlegrounds and “premium mounts” come to mind immediately, although I know if I think on it for a few minutes, I’ll come up with plenty more. :-/

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