EQ2 Videopost: New Halas Aether Race, and our equally new guildhouse!!

It has been a little while since I made a video, so I thought I would take the opportunity of EQ2’s City Festival being in New Halas to show off the new Aether Race. It’s quite an enjoyable one, with plenty of dodging stormclouds to be done. The title for this track is “Snowflake Chaser”, requiring a time of 104 or less.

While I was about it, I figured I might as well show off the Green Lodge’s newly acquired guildhouse too. We’re mighty proud of it, even if we can’t afford many amenities for it yet. It has been a lot of fun helping Terr decorate it! Feel free to drop by, should you happen to find yourself in North Qeynos on Crushbone.

6 comments to EQ2 Videopost: New Halas Aether Race, and our equally new guildhouse!!

  • Yarr

    Enjoyed the look around your guild house!

    • Thanks! It’s early days, of course, but we’re really enjoying decorating it.

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