TERA : Team Maltheas, Assemble!!!

The TERA head-start began about an hour ago, but I have yet to actually get into the game! I have been too busy dithering over the exact bone-structures of my starting team of characters!

Arkenor is looking a bit dourer than I like, but it’s rather hard to wipe the grumpy expression off the faces with decent beards. Maltheas is a little distressed that he can’t be a rat, but I have managed to convince him that raccoons are also quite cool.

We’re not too sure who that Usagi fellow is, but he seems vaguely familiar. I’m sure he’ll serve with honour.

Team Maltheas is ready for Tera.

Right, I suppose I’d better send Maltheas in to have a look around. I did not play in the Beta, so this is going to be my first experience of the game.

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