A New Year’s Wish

Content, confused, weirded out, and all manner of things concurrently. Such is the way on New Years, as the old fights to remain relevant in the face of the new.

I can only hope that you, and I, find ways in the coming year to make sense of everything, and build upon what we already have. I have quite the laundry list of things I want to accomplish in 2013, and it’ll be a bloody good year if I manage a quarter of them.

As Stan Lee would say, “Excelsior!!!!”. That means “Ever Upward”, and that is where I have faith that the trajectory of your life, and mine, are headed. And if anything stands in our way, we shall glare at it until it jolly well budges. Damn right too.

2 comments to A New Year’s Wish

  • Dr Toerag

    Will you “tut” as well if the situation demands it?
    You may even have to pull out the big guns and raise an eyebrow, so look out world!

  • May24 Omgosh, I did a post today on NATY, too! (Free Fun in Asutin) Do7#n821&;t you love it?? Heidi just emailed me, noting coincidence 9as well as the Melanies) Great post