Defiance TV show will be on iTunes

Trion’s upcoming MMOFPS, Defiance, will be launching twinned with its very own television show. Alas, not all of us have access to the SyFy channel (I can’t take them seriously since they did that to their name), so may have been contemplating “other” means of viewing the Defiance show.

However, as I just learned from a tweet by Defiance writer Clark Perry, it turns out that it will be coming out on iTunes. I’d have preferred Netflix to avoid having to pay an extra charge, but iTunes will do. I asked him if he new how much the cost per episode would be, and he guessed $1.99, but we’ll need to wait and see to be sure.

There’s a 15 minute pilot preview and a “making of” documentary available for free.

I’m planning on playing the daylights out of Defiance, so I’m glad I’ll have a simple way to keep up with the show. I think its going to be fascinating to see how well (or badly) running an MMO alongside a parallel television production will work. If it goes to plan, I could see it becoming a standard methodology.

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  • Svven

    Amazon in the States is handing out $20 credits to watch the episodes if you pre-order…not bad

  • I agree with you, sitting at Starbucks doing HW and having a latte yesterday, I could not help but overhearing a conversation between two guys talking about Defiance. It was described as a more serious version of the show Firefly. Not sure that is quite accurate, but what intrigued me when I first read about this experiment on Massive Online Gamer magazine was the experiment to have the show and the game linked. First time in media I think that has been tried, has a game ever been paired with another media before? Other than used to promote a movie? If so I can’t recall