Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 39 : A Forestry Biogas System.

My tree-breeding programme has been progressing slowly behind the scenes, and I’ve amassed rather a lot of saplings that I really don’t need. Fortunately, there is a way to turn them into Buildcraft energy in a way that is far more efficient than just slinging them in the furnace.

Mods Encountered

Buildcraft 3.7.1 maintained by CovertJaguar: Buildcraft provides all the various pipes which now riddle my base behind the walls.

Forestry by Sir Sengir: The Squeezer, Fermenter, and Biogas Engine are from Forestry. It will, I hope, also provide me with far more sappy saplings with which to fuel my renewable energy empire.

My Adventuring with Ark Minecraft Build – 7th July Update.

7th of July 2013 Update:

The main changes since the last update:

  • Extra Trees is now bundled up with Extra Bees, adding another 75 breedable tree species.
  • I’m giving the Fossil and Archaeology mod a tryout. While I’m not going to find much from it until I go out into newly generated areas, it seems stable so far.
  • Railcraft, too, has arrived late at the station. I didn’t include it originally, as I didn’t want to go overboard with tech mods, but there’s a few bits within it that I think I’m going to be wanting soon.

There’s probably not going to be too much in the way of change to my build until I make the leap to 1.6, which is going to have to wait until all the important mods have updated. Could be a while.


Extra Biomes XL 3.13.4 : A wide range of additional biome types to explore, as well as some new plants. I have all of the biomes disabled right now, so that my initial area will be base biomes.

Biomes O’ Plenty 0.5.5 : Another biome mod. Once again, the biomes are disabled in the main overworld, meaning I’ll only have vanilla biomes. However, when I start journeying the multiverse with Mystcraft, any biome from EBXL or BOP could make an appearance. 0.5.5 now adds biomes to the Nether dimension too.

I’m not sure I really recommend BOP at this time. The developers have been taking a very aggressive stance around not caring about mod compatibility and customisation, so it is probably a poor choice for anyone wanting to use large numbers of mods. It’s still listed here because I have it installed, and it would probably break things badly to remove it from my world.

Metallurgy 3.1.1 : Adds a wide range of additional metals, and ores. It’ll be dealing with most of the ore generating in worldgen, apart from a few from Tinker’s Construct that it doesn’t include. I’ve turned the rarity of ore up from its default settings which seem rather too generous to me.

Dungeon Pack 1.5.2 v3 : Adds a variety of structures to the land of minecraft. I have a lot of mods which add structures, so I’ve made these pretty rare. I’ve also disabled quite a few structures that I didn’t like the look of, particularly ones that float in the sky. I like my sky clear!

Ruins : More structures added to the world. Once again I’ve turned the rarity right up.

Natura 2.1 : Some new trees, and a variety of berry bushes. I particularly like the Eucalyptus tree. Now also makes significant changes to the Nether.

Wild Caves : Adds stalactites, spiderwebs, and other decorations to caves and other underground areas. It makes spelunking a little more interesting, and usefully for me, the increase in diversity makes it harder to get lost!

Better Dungeons 1.07 by Chocolatin: Even more structures, but this time with some new enemies too. Warning: May contain pirates!

Quality of Life

Not Enough Items : This adds a recipe search system, which becomes increasingly vital the more mods you’re using. It also has quite a few cheat options, but I shall not be using those unless its needed to recover from a serious bug. NEI requires CodeChickenCore (I’m using version, available from the same page. Its tooltip option interacts badly with certain objects from other mods I’m using, so I’ll be keeping that off most of the time.

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Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 38 : Village Defense with Utility Mobs

Verdania Village has already had a few ups and downs, population-wise. As Testificates are avowed pacifists, I’m going to have to invest in some defenses.

Mods Encountered

Forestry by Sir Sengir: This adds both an Apiarist and a Forester villager, and they’re well worth getting your hands on. Mod villagers can turn up as the result of any villager breeding. I could really do with some Mystcraft librarians to be born.

Ars Magica 5.52.013 by Mithion: While I may keep calling it “Transpose”, the Transplace spell is super-useful for all sorts of antics. From dragging a Travelling Merchant all the way from the plains, to getting your elephant to jolly well get into his enclosure, it has a million uses.

Utility Mobs 2.0.1 by Father Toast: I cannot watch over the village all the time, so I’m glad to have the options that Utility Mobs provide. Ars Magica and Thaumcraft will also be providing me with some other golem choices eventually.

The turrets and golems take damage like any other entity, so they probably won’t last too long, but they’ll likely save a life or two in the process.

Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 37 : Mining for Villagers

Well, listen to my story ’bout a man named Ark,
A poor mountain wizard tired of living in the dark.
But when he set off to acquire himself some fuel,
He ended up discovering something that’s mighty cool.

Mods Encountered

Buildcraft 3.7.1 maintained by CovertJaguar: The pump works pretty well, even just using the free-to-operate redstone engines. My next step is to build a permanent oil tank in a refinery room below my valley. I’ll set up a temporary pipe to send the oil over until the well is dry.

Primitive Mobs 1.4 by Daveyx : Primitive Mobs has three villager types that can spawn in the world, though none appear on the surface in an Extreme Hills biome, which is why I’d not bumped into any as yet. They are an excellent way to start your own village. I also expect that the Travelling Merchants and Summoners will be spontaneously starting their own little villages when they happen to bump into suitable buildings from other mods.

Village Info by Trunkz : I just installed this a few days ago, to give it a bit of a test. Seems to work pretty well, and is certainly invaluable for anyone wanting to be sure how well their village is designed.

Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 36 : Household God Hunt I

For too long have I wondered at the permanent lightning storm on the desert’s edge. It is the work of Jupiter, or at least his statue, buried beneath the ageless sands. I break out my pick and prepare for a spot of combat archaeology.

Mods Encountered

Household Gods by ThisGuyIsJoe : With the power of Juton on my side, I shall be, hmm, much the same as I was before. Once I collect the second statue, I will probably have enough parts to come up with some useful combinations.

I have statues set to be rather rare, but it is likely I’ve come very close to others. If they’re buried, you’ll only notice they’re there if their combination does something obvious on the surface. Most will probably not.

Project Zulu by Crudedragos: The centipede is a rather beautiful piece of work. It must have snuck on over from the forest biome while I was fumbling over what I was going to say.

Wild Caves : The glowing blue mushrooms I encountered were added by Wild Caves. They’re a rare early source of glowstone dust in the Overworld.

Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 35 : Forestry Tree-Breeding Basics

Extra Trees came out today, adding 75 more tree species to the Forestry tree-breeding system. This jolts me into finally taking a look at what new trees my bees have cooked up for me.

But first, there’s a spot of business to take care of to the south of my bee-garden.

Mods Encountered

Forestry by Sir Sengir: I’m quite excited to get started on this second strand of Forestry’s Mendelian genetics simulation. For now I’m probably just going to let the trees take care of themselves, and see what I get. Unlike with Bees, I’m not limited by a finite number of Queens, and the need to bring multiple lines up, so it will probably require a lot less fiddling. Not that I don’t love fiddling, but I have my hands full of bees.

Extra Trees 1.7 by Binnie : I didn’t really encounter anything from this mod, but it came out today, and inspired me to get on with things, so it deserves a mention!

Ark’s Magical Modded Minecraft Misadventure 34 : Buildcraft Stirling Engines

I am knee deep in bees, and so it follows that I am also getting swamped with honey combs. Trying to centrifuge them all just using the clockwork engine is going to give me wrist-strain. It is time to upgrade my Buildcraft energy system.

I show how to make energy pipes, chutes, and Stirling engines, and do some wiring behind the walls.

Mods Encountered

Buildcraft 3.7.1 maintained by CovertJaguar: Since I recorded this episode I’ve run an energy pipe as far as the enchanting chamber underneath the east wizard tower. Even wizards want to be connected to the grid! I’m still deciding how I want to work the oil refining.

I’ve also put a chute on the Stirling Engine itself, realising it’s a great place to throw any unwanted saplings and wooden items.

Forestry by Sir Sengir: My bees are coming along really well. I’m working on improving the quality of my mundane bees before I get too far into more advanced and tricksy species. By crossing my Forest Bees with some Modest bees from the desert, I have managed to, after a lot of back-crossing, develop a stable line of nocturnal Forest Bees. Being able to work during both day and night, they’re far more productive than their ancestors. That hive is now turning out high quality drones that I can put into more complex breeding programmes.