Ratonga vs Octagorgon

Maltheas’ splendid week of questing has continued with a final victory over Octagorgon in the Cove of Decay.

Maltheas faces the Octagorgon in Everquest 2

Maltheas faces the Octagorgon in Everquest 2

It’s hard to get a sense of scale in that picture. Octagorgon is still a good safe distance away, sitting in his favourite comfy sunken galleon. He is quite ridiculously large.

A famous undercon, he sits there looking all green and heroic level, luring in the unwise. As soon as you attack him, however, he’ll call in a bunch of skeletons to back him up, and he’ll keep calling more the longer you let him live. I’ve been trying to sort him out for a few levels now, but today was the charm. Let us not weep for all the previous attempts that resulted in Maltheas being cruelly devoured, for such is life of the extreme quester!

Defeating Octagorgon allowed Mal to finish the Polished Granite Tomahawk heritage quest, “An Axe from the Past”, and move to the next stage of the Manastone heritage quest “Stiletto’s Orders Intercepted.”. Unfortunately, like so many quests lying undone in his questbook, to finish Manastone is going to involve killing Varsoon the Undying, who is liable to render the Extreme Rat extremely dead. I won’t be able to put off the confrontation for very much longer though.

While I’m here, I’d like to welcome Syp, of the blog Biobreak, to Everquest 2, and to my server, Lucan D’Lere. It’s always great to see new players, especially ones who might encourage others to give EQ2 a try!

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