C3P0(s) and Darth Vader(s) in Dance-Off

This is another one of those videos which will haunt your nightmares. I share them only so I know I am not alone in my despair.

I have a feeling that whoever designed this dance routine hadn’t actually seen Star Wars. Pointing out the most obvious flaws:

1) C3P0 cannot fly. Grudgingly I’ll admit Darth Vader probably could, though not in that ridiculous Superman pose.

2) There is but one Darth Vader, and he’ll accept no imitations. I suppose the extra 3P0s could be other droids of the same model.

3) C3P0 is not a worthy opponent for the Lord of the Sith. Even when there are 4 of him.

4) Jedi and Sith use an ancient fighting style passed down from master to pupil. This does not resemble pattycake.

Nevertheless, I still find watching this preferable to seeing Phantom Menace again.

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