Everquest 2 Maltheas Inadvertently Levels

Pesky collection quests!

I really really did not intend to do that. Maltheas was about 20% into level 38, and I was letting him gain a bit of xp for a change, so I could quickly get to 39 when I decided the time was right for that.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I was unlocked when the time came to hand in a couple of Moonlight Enchantments collections. The xp for them is utterly insane, giving him a level each. The collector takes all your outstanding collections at once, rather than letting you hand them in one at a time, which compounded my error.

Pretty annoyed with myself right now. No more levelling for Maltheas for a VERY long time indeed!

2 comments to Argh!!!!

  • Malkavelli

    Aw man :-(, is it still possible to quest by mentoring down with a lower level friend? An annoying workaround, especially if you like to solo quest, but may still let you keep your quest count where you intended it to be by lvl 40.

  • Oh, you can mentor down at an NPC these days. That’s not really the point though. None of my quests have turned grey as a result, as I’m usually pushing the limits of what I can do at my level. I’m just, under my own rules, not supposed to level unless I absolutely can’t complete any quests anywhere.

    I’m most annoyed, but going to make the best of it. I should be able to get quite a bit done in the next few days.