Star Trek Online won’t take no for an answer. Reactivates account and bills me.

I cancelled Star Trek Online during my free month, mostly because I thought the game was not very good.

Imagine my surprise when leafing through this month’s bank statement, I saw that I was still being billed.

In fact, I was billed twice. On the 5th of March they initially billed me 30 dollars. Then they billed me another 15 dollars, just for fun. Then they refunded the thirty dollars. Of course, they didn’t refund the international transaction fees I paid on any of them. Given that my account was still active when I logged in today to cancel AGAIN, they will have billed me for April too.

This is ironic timing, considering Mythic’s billing woes this week. At least I didn’t get billed for a thousand bucks. Probably.

I want my money back. I am entirely certain that I cancelled my subscription to STO, and have obviously not logged in since my free month was due to lapse. I would write a ticket to their billing department, but “create new ticket” button on their website does not appear to actually work with any browser at my disposal. I’m not going to do it from ingame, as that would give them ammunition to say that I had been playing.

The events of this week are a lesson to us all. Watch your bank statement carefully, as I doubt I am the only one affected by Cryptic’s carelessness with OUR money. What’s worse is the thought that they might have considered my subscription to be a vote of approval for their game.

It appears others have had a similar experience, though Cryptic is denying that there is a problem.

Just in the interests of reducing FUD, I checked the records and without mentioning any specifics there has been no billing error. All is well in the state of Denmark.

– Coderanger, 4th of April.

Which I take to mean that he’s saying that the people complaining are making it up. Because it couldn’t possibly be their pathetic excuse for an account website. Apparently I need to start taking screenshots when I cancel games. Either STO reactivated my account, or it never registered my cancellation properly in the first place. Neither are unacceptable to me. I am very angry.

13 comments to Star Trek Online won’t take no for an answer. Reactivates account and bills me.

  • Longasc

    Fucktastic. I removed my credit card info and cancelled again. I will have to monitor my bank account for what they bill me.

    I also think this time I won’t renew my subscription. Despite the new fleet there is just nothing left to do, and adding fluff stuff to the C-Store does not quality as content, and this is all they have in their release calendar. Besides the death penalty, difficulty slider and another raidisode. If they are as cool as the first two ones, they won’t keep anyone besides the guys who already paid for a lifetime.

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  • That’s just wrong. I’d be livid too!

  • Christopher Rust

    How did u cancel your account? I dont even have my log on name anymore or password. I have no idea how to cancel it. is there a number i can call

    • I just did it through the website’s account section. I don’t remember the exact details.

      As I mentioned in the post, for some reason it did not work the first time I tried, and I didn’t notice for a few months.

      If you don’t remember your login then you’ll definitely need to get in touch with them some other way

  • infoone

    I am having the same issue. Cancelled it twice now. They just keep billing the card…

  • infoone

    The best way seems to be to delete your card info. You can do that under Manage Payment Sources. It seems to then cancel your account right then. Requesting to cancel via the normal method never takes effect. Delete your card…

  • Goldie

    I’ve just created an account free, and haven’t put any of my card details on. It’s a free trial thing. Now I’ve changed my mind and i want to delete it. How on Earth do i do that?

    • I’ve not had any experience with the trial, and I don’t remember my way around the account system any more. If you’ve not put in any credit card details though, there’s not a lot to worry about.

  • Scott

    i have looked on forums about this and it depends on your payment methored if you use paypal you can actaly go to your pay pal and cancel it on there since paypal is only accest by you. if they try and change that its illegal hacking and you can sue them

  • Brian

    I canceled after 4days, and then I read this post. So I went back and checked.
    Sure enough, the cancelation never went through.
    I tried again, it wouldnt go through.

    I then deleted my credit card info and tried again and it worked.

    Never gonna even look at another product they make.

    Sony pulled a similar scam on me with Everquest. Wouldnt refund my money.
    I have avoided everything Sony since then (over 7 years)

  • they do have your address so they could come to your house and steal your cards or use your ip address to hack into your bank

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