EQ2: Some Like It Otter

For today (actually yesterday, but it’s still going as I write) only, a free Othmir illusion item is available in EQ2’s marketplace. Technically it only has 50 charges, but as neither death nor zoning removes illusions, it is sufficient to last anyone who wanted to permanently be an Othmir.

EQ2 Nipiks Gift Of Othmir Illusion 600x382

Cheeves is pretending that he isn't impressed.

If I had any spare character slots I’d probably create a little ranger or shaman, just to play as an Othmir. Of course, they’re not a true playable race, and your armour doesn’t show on them, but they do have more animations than most monster models do, including the remarkably cheerful wave shown above, and a wonderful (though sadly silent) laugh. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have an animation for either sitting or standing type mounts, so you revert to your normal form while mounted. Also, there’s a lot of different Othmir models, seemingly of both sexes, occasionally in their famously bad hats, and you switch between them each time you zone, which might be a little difficult to explain! Nevertheless, there’s enough there to have some Othmir fun with, especially at low levels.

SOE have revealed what the next few Velious days are going to entail, and it turns out they’re not all going to be quite so screenshot worthy as today’s one was, but they are certainly worthy of mention.

February 23rd is a double Guild xp day. A good day to do writs, and a particularly good day for me to hand in all the status items that I’ve been hoarding for exactly such a day. will it be enough to push the mighty Green Lodge all the way to level 26? Unlikely. I’ll try to get some crafting writs done too.

February 24th will offer free character transfer tokens in the Marketplace, one per character, up to a maximum of five. These normally cost a quite ridiculous 25 dollars each, so I’m definitely going to grab some, just in case, though I’m actually not minding the merged Crushbone-Lucan server too much. Hopefully these tokens will sit happily in the bank without going out of date. They’ll be a great insurance against possible future problems. (Update: Amnerys from SOE popped by in the comments to let us know that the character transfer tokens will only be usable on the 24th.)

February 25th will have “cool prices” on frosty-themed items in the marketplace. I snort derisively at this day, unless the prices happens to be free, in which case I would indeed say “Cool!”. Still, it’s better than a day without a sale, and I look forward to discovering what the next Days of Velious will involve!

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  • Arbitrary

    So freaking cute! We need more playable otter races!

  • Beleg

    Howdy. I’m a relatively new reader here. I added your blog to my roll, which I normally peruse on my train ride to work. Unfortunately, as the train is underground, I don’t have Internet access. This isn’t generally a problem, since I download all my blogs before I get on. Except yours. I only get a paragraph or so, and then an unusable link to the rest of the entry. I end up skipping most/all of the blog unless I remember to go back when I get off the train. Can you change the RSS settings?

    • Sorry, but I have it set like that to stop automated scraper sites, amongst other reasons. I know it must be a bit of a pain for your situation, but I rely on visitors to fund my gaming.

      I do appreciate your readership, but I’d not be able to afford to play so many games if I turned on full RSS, which would both make me sad, and mean I could cover less here!

  • Hi there! Great write-up! :) Just wanted to mention that the Character Transfers will only be valid on the day of the promotion, and then they go away. So you just have the one day to use them…hence the five uses, in case you want to try a couple of servers out for size. Hope that info helps! Please feel free to share it with everyone, and I’ve updated the original article to reflect this information.

    ~ Amnerys
    EverQuest II Community Manager

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