London New Year 2011 Firework Display Video!!!

Happy New Year from Greenwich Mean Time! London had a spectacular firework display on the Thames, with the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and the London Eye in full view. For the first time, it was set to a musical accompaniment starring the best of British. Queen, T-Rex, the Beatles, and the Clash to name but a few!

In the interest of getting the most out of the taxes spent on it (well worth it, mind you), it seems appropriate to share it with the world!!! Happy New Year, and Mind The Gap!!!

2 comments to London New Year 2011 Firework Display Video!!!


    amazing fireworks display, but the Video are not good, (Rubbish) always winding around every few seconds on the playback. Not a continues play.

    • I’ve actually just updated with a better video version (the official BBC release) while you’ve been watching. This one goes up to a higher res too. hopefully it’ll work a bit better. I was just using the first one because at that point it was the only halfway decent one on Youtube that wasn’t just last years one renamed.